How To Build A Walk-In Shower (Part 1: Wedi Shower Pan Install) — By Home Repair Tutor

Learn how to build a walk-in shower in this Part 1 video.
We use the wedi Fundo Ligno curbless shower pan.
These supplies make the installation a lot easier

Wedi Fundo Ligno Pan (choose size) —
Joint Sealant for wedi (20 oz. sausage) —
Caulking Gun for Joint Sealant (sausage) —
Circular Saw —
Utility Knife —
Reciprocating Saw —
Diablo Demo Blade (for Reciprocating Saw) —
Hammer —
Super Bar —
Pry Bar —
4 Foot Level —
Liquid Nail —
Caulking Gun —
Framing Nailer (optional) —
Impact Driver —
Deck Screws —
Measuring Tape —
Spade Bit —
Jigsaw —
Mixing Paddle —
1/2″ Mixing Drill —
1/4″ by 1/4″ Trowel–

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Today we’ll show you how to install the shower pan…fortunately this is waaaaaay easier than it use to be…especially if you use the Wedi Fundo Ligno.

Our written tutorial can be found here

You can cut the Ligno to any size you want. They also come in pre-cut dimensions, so make sure you pick a size that fits the shower you’ll build.

Once you have the pan you’ll have to cut out the existing subfloor.

If you subfloor is 3/4″ plywood you’re in for a treat. If you remove the section where the Ligno is going you’ll be able to install the pan in one day.

Add 2×4 nailers to the joists and make them 3/4″ below the the top of the joist.

Apply Liquid Nail to the nailers and nail or screw them to the joists. Then apply Liquid Nail to the top of the nailer and add OSB or plywood to the joist gap.

What you’re doing is creating a subfloor that’s 3/4 of an inch lower than the adjacent subfloor.

Put together the Wedi Ligno shower pan drain using Wedi’s sealant. It only needs to be hand tightened…doesn’t get any easier my friend.

Mix up latex modified thin-set and back butter the Wedi Ligno shower pan. Apply the same thin-set to the subfloor and embed the Ligno shower pan into the thin-set.

BOOM, it’s that easy.

Of course there are a ton of details and they’re all in our step-by-step video tutorial…we love geeking out over this stuff.

Check out the video here

If you want the complete written tutorial you can see that over on Home Repair Tutor

And if you’re in the mood for a complete DIY bathroom remodel we can help with our online support group at Bathroom Repair Tutor

Click on over and see for yourself

For Wedi Curbless shower systems check out our site

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Cute Home Improvements | Ep. 10 | Minecraft One Life

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Welcome to a new series to my channel! One Life is a modded multiplayer survival server with Ultra Hardcore mode. I’m joining the series for this season which is Season 2!
I join 11 other awesome Minecrafters trying to survive the InsaneVanilla++ Modpack. However, in this series we only get ONE LIFE!

In this episode I get a lot of stuff done! I finally craft an advanced diamond sword and cute backpack. I also make some cute changes to my house to impress visitors!

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This is our 25 home improvement ideas#1
From number 1-12
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1. How to create wainscoting using frames from a craft store and paint them to match the wall.

2. Regrout that shower.
Caulk tip:
How to caulk 1:
caulk saver:

3. Home repair using peel-and-stick tiles to cover up a leaked-on cabinet bottom.

4. Give your living room sofa a little perk by re-stuffing the cushions.

5 Hang Mugs and Tea Cups on Hooks

6. Coat your new kitchen countertop to look like an expensive stone.

7. Home maintenance by Turning your cheap dining room table into something straight out of a Restoration Hardware catalog.

8. Make new curtain rods out of copper pipes and fittings.

9. Replace your boring air grille with sheet metal you can buy at any hardware store (lowes).

10. Hide your knife rack under the cabinet

11. Use kitchen cabinets and IKEA butcher block counter tops to fake the look of built-ins.

12. Turn your blinds into Roman shades.

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